CEAT SportDrive SUV
Feel confident at high speed
Feel confident at high speed with Ceat SportDrive SUV. Asymmetrical tread pattern together with twin shoulder block design provides excellent support for lateral forces during cornering.
Summer Season
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Ride Handling

Features and Benefits

1 Optimal ground contact ensures excellent traction and strong durability
2 High tech silica compound produces low energy losses and provides low rolling resistance
3 Wide longitudinal channels with adaptive contact surface design for excellent hydroplaning resistance
4 Silent tread design with optimized pitch sequencing for lower rolling noise

Features and Benefits

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10 Sizes Available

Measurement Tube/Tubeless LI SI XL
215/65R16 Tubeless 98 V   C B 70db
215/65R17 Tubeless 103 V XL B A 70db
225/60R17 Tubeless 103 V XL C A 70db
225/65R17 Tubeless 106 V XL C A 70db
235/65R17 Tubeless 108 W XL B A 70db
235/50R18 Tubeless 101 V XL C A 70db
235/55R18 Tubeless 104 W XL C A 70db
235/60R18 Tubeless 107 W XL B A 70db
255/55R18 Tubeless 109 W XL B A 70db
235/55R19 Tubeless      

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