CEAT EnduraDrive
Durable tires that you can count on everyday
The long and bumpy road takes its toll on tyres. The weather too plays havoc. But you need to be on time every day. Switch to EnduraDrive, especially designed for durability and reliance, even with the highest loads. The sturdy 4-rib tread with part silica compounding gives you even tread wear and longer lasting tyres. EnduraDrive, the tire that goes on and on!
Summer Season
Rating (Out of 7)
Ride Handling

Features and Benefits

1 Wide and secure contact patch ensures even tread wear and enhanced tread life
2 Tread pattern is optimized for stone ejection to prevent damage caused by stone trapping
3 Silica based innovative tread compound provides for enhanced tread life
4 Computer optimized micro-grooves provide for responsive wet and dry braking

Features and Benefits

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5 Sizes Available

Measurement Tube/Tubeless LI SI XL
195/70R15 Tubeless 10 T   C B 72dB
215/70R15 Tubeless 10 T   C B 72dB
195/65R16 Tubeless 10 T   E B 72dB
195/75R16 Tubeless 10 R   C B 72dB
225/65R16 Tubeless 11 T   E B 72dB

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