CEAT WinterDrive
Winterdrive keeps you going, even if it is snowing!
Snow and ice can be dangerous while driving. Skidding, spinning or losing control on wet roads are real winter threats. But when the travel bug bites you, winter should not stand in the way. WinterDrive has been specially designed with a larger contact area to provide you with superior grip on both snow and ice. Don’t let the snow keep you in. Travel on!
Winter Season
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Ride Handling

Features and Benefits

1 Effective foot print with large contact area ensures excellent grip on wet and icy surfaces
2 Optimal tread block sipes improve the transfer of forces on snow-covered roads for confident handling
3 Directional and widen V-channels displace water and slush from the contact surface for superior wet grip
4 Computer optimized pitch arrangement provides for a quiet and comfortable ride quality

Features and Benefits

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30 Sizes Available

Measurement Tube/Tubeless LI SI XL
145/80 R13Tubeless75T EE 71dB
155/65 R13Tubeless73T EC 71dB
155/70 R13Tubeless75T EC 69dB
155/80 R13Tubeless79T EC 69dB
155/65 R14Tubeless75T EC 71dB
165/65 R14Tubeless79T EC 69dB
165/70 R14Tubeless81T EC 69dB
175/65 R14Tubeless82T EC 70dB
175/70 R14Tubeless88TXLCC 69dB
185/60 R14Tubeless82H EC 69dB
185/65 R14Tubeless86H CC 71dB
175/65 R15Tubeless84T CC 69dB
185/55 R15Tubeless86HXLEC 69dB
185/60 R15Tubeless88HXLCC 69dB
185/65 R15Tubeless88H CC 69dB
195/50 R15Tubeless82H EC 71dB
195/55 R15Tubeless89HXLCC 71dB
195/60 R15Tubeless88H CC 69dB
195/65 R15Tubeless91H CC 69dB
195/55 R16Tubeless87H CC 69dB
205/55 R16Tubeless91H CC 69dB
205/60 R16Tubeless96HXLCC 69dB
215/55 R16Tubeless97HXLCC 69dB
215/60 R16Tubeless99HXLCC 71dB
215/65 R16Tubeless98H CC 69dB
205/50 R17Tubeless93VXLEC 71dB
215/55 R17Tubeless98VXLCC 71dB
225/45 R17Tubeless94VXLEC 70dB
225/50 R17Tubeless98VXLCC 70dB
225/55 R17Tubeless101VXLCC 71dB

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