CEAT SecuraDrive
Never slips even on wet roads
Afraid to drive your car in the rain? Be sure with SecuraDrive! It provides superior control even on wet surfaces, allowing you to enjoy your drive even more. So make the most of your car and experience the joy of riding with SecuraDrive!
Summer Season
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Ride Handling

Features and Benefits

1 Wide longitudinal grooves and chamfered shoulders ensure confident performance and braking on wet surfaces
2 Smart compounding and modern mixing technology ensure high mileage and low rolling resistance
3 Asymmetric tread pattern with solid outerside geometry makes for excellent cornering capabilities
4 Computer optimized pitch arrangement makes for a quiet and comfortable ride quality

Features and Benefits

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27 Sizes Available

Measurement Tube/Tubeless LI SI XL
195/50 R15Tubeless82V CA 69dB
195/60 R15Tubeless88V CB 71dB
195/65 R15Tubeless91V CB 71dB
195/65 R15Tubeless95VXLCB 71dB
205/60 R15Tubeless91V CA 69dB
205/65 R15Tubeless94V CA 69dB
195/45 R16Tubeless84VXLCA 69dB
195/50 R16Tubeless88VXLEA 69dB
195/55 R16Tubeless87V CA 69dB
195/55 R16Tubeless91VXLCA 71dB
195/60 R16Tubeless89V CA 69dB
205/50 R16Tubeless87W EA 69dB
205/55 R16Tubeless91V CA 69dB
205/55 R16Tubeless94WXLCA 71dB
205/60 R16Tubeless96VXLCA 69dB
215/55 R16Tubeless97WXLCA 69dB
215/60 R16Tubeless99VXLCA 69dB
215/65 R16Tubeless98V CA 69dB
205/50 R17Tubeless93WXLCA 69dB
205/55 R17Tubeless95VXLCA 69dB
215/50 R17Tubeless95WXLCA 69dB
215/55 R17Tubeless94W CA 69dB
215/60 R17Tubeless96H CA 71dB
215/60 R17Tubeless100VXLCA 72dB
235/55 R17Tubeless99V CA 71dB
235/55 R17Tubeless103VXLCA 72dB
215/55 R18Tubeless99VXL 72dB

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