CEAT EcoDrive
Driven for a Greener tomorrow
Worried that your car is consuming too much energy? Let EcoDrive be your guide. Designed to cut fuel use and reduce pollution, EcoDrive gives your car an amazing fuel mileage. We have done our bit, time for you to go green with EcoDrive.
Summer Season
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Ride Handling

Features and Benefits

1 Smart compounding and modern mixing technology ensure high mileage and low rolling resistance
2 Effective and flexible sipes together with supple sidewalls offer a comfortable and silent ride
3 Longitudinal ribs ensure homogeneous tyre rotation and safe driving
4 Wide longitudinal grooves and rounded shoulders ensure good performance and better wet braking

Features and Benefits

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30 Sizes Available

Measurement Tube/Tubeless LI SI XL
155/65R13 Tubeless 73 H   E B 69dB
155/70R13 Tubeless 75 T   C B 69dB
155/80R13 Tubeless 79 T   C B 69dB
165/65R13 Tubeless 77 H   C B 69dB
165/70R13 Tubeless 83 T XL B B 69dB
175/70R13 Tubeless 82 T   C C 70dB
155/65R14 Tubeless 75 T   C B 69dB
165/60R14 Tubeless 75 H   C B 69dB
165/65R14 Tubeless 79 T   C B 69dB
165/70R14 Tubeless 81 T   B B 69dB
175/65R14 Tubeless 82 T   C B 69dB
175/70R14 Tubeless 88 T XL B B 69dB
185/60R14 Tubeless 82 H   C B 69dB
185/65R14 Tubeless 86 H   B B 69dB
185/70R14 Tubeless 88 H   C B 70dB
165/65R15 Tubeless 81 H   C B 69dB
175/60R15 Tubeless 81 V   C B 69dB
175/65R15 Tubeless 84 H   C B 69dB
185/55R15 Tubeless 82 V   C B 69dB
185/60R15 Tubeless 88 H XL B B 69dB
185/65R15 Tubeless 88 H  
185/65R15 Tubeless 92 T XL B B 70dB
195/55R15 Tubeless 85 V   C B 69dB
195/60R15 Tubeless 88 H   C B 69dB
195/65R15 Tubeless 91 H  
195/65R15 Tubeless 95 H XL B B 71dB
205/65R15 Tubeless 94 H   B B 71dB
195/55R16 Tubeless 87 H   C B 71dB
205/55R16 Tubeless 91 H   C B 71dB
205/60R16 Tubeless 92 H   B B 69dB

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