CEAT 4 SeasonDrive
4 Season drive, with you in every season!
Seasons change, but your tires don't need to! The 4 SeasonDrive has been expressly designed to weather different conditions. Say no to aquaplaning problems as slush and water are effortlessly displaced by the tread with directional pattern. Braking on snow covered or wet roads is easy as a result of multi-functional sipes. What's more, the 4 SeasonDrive has been officially tested and certified for real winter conditions. A perfect drive in any weather!
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Features and Benefits

1 Officially tested and certified to perform under real winter conditions
2 Innovative Silica based tread compound offers excellent driving performance and durability in varying conditions
3 Directional pattern displaces water and slush effectively for superior grip and control over wet roads
4 Multifunctional sipes form numerous grip edges to reduce braking distance on wet and snow covered roads

Features and Benefits

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10 Sizes Available

Measurement Tube/Tubeless LI SI XL
155/70 R13Tubeless75T EB 72dB
155/80 R13Tubeless79T EB 72dB
165/70 R14Tubeless81T EB 71dB
175/65 R14Tubeless82T CB 71dB
175/65 R15Tubeless84T CB 71dB
185/60 R15Tubeless88HXLCB 72dB
185/65 R15Tubeless88H CB 71dB
195/65 R15Tubeless91V CB 72dB
205/55 R16Tubeless91V CB 71dB
225/45 R17Tubeless94VXLEB 72dB

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